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Ferro Silicon Lumps

A ferroalloy made of silicon and iron is known as ferro silicon lumps. They are frequently utilised as an addition in the creation of cast iron and steel. The strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance of the resultant alloys are improved by the addition of ferro silicon lumps. They aid in the elimination of impurities from the steelmaking process and act as a deoxidizer as well. Due to their high melting point, ferro silicon lumps are perfect for applications requiring high-temperature stability. Additionally, they can aid in regulating the metal's grain size, which results in superior mechanical properties. These lumps are frequently employed to create effective and high-quality metal goods in sectors including manufacturing, construction, and automobile.

Ferro Silicon

Ferro silicon

An alloy called ferro silicon is mostly made of silicon (Si) and iron (Fe). In an electric arc furnace, it is created by melting a combination of silica (SiO2), coke and iron scrap. In Ferro silicon, the proportion of silicon to iron can vary; common ratios range from 75 to 95% silicon to 2 to 5% iron. Small amounts of additional elements including calcium, aluminium, and carbon may also be present.


Ferro silicon is widely employed in many industries because of its useful qualities and uses. Ferro silicon's main characteristics are as follows: 

1. Ferro silicon is largely utilised in the manufacturing of steel and iron as a deoxidizing agent. It reacts with oxygen and other contaminants throughout the manufacturing process, efficiently eliminating them and raising the calibre of the finished product. It aids in lowering the carbon content and improves steel's mechanical qualities.

2. Ferro silicon is frequently used as an alloying ingredient to provide different alloys particular properties. It improves the alloys' tensile strength, hardness, and heat resistance. It is widely employed in the creation of speciality steels including stainless steel and low-alloy steel.

3. Ferro silicon has the ability to serve as an inoculant during the casting process. It facilitates the construction of a desirable structure and enhances the mechanical qualities of the castings by aiding in the regulation of graphite flakes' dispersion and production in cast iron.

4. Ferro silicon is used as a reducing agent in some metallurgical processes because of its high silicon concentration. Metal oxides that are produced during the extraction of metals from ores or the fabrication of ferroalloys can be reduced.

5. Ferro silicon is an abrasive substance that may be crushed into different grain sizes and utilised in a variety of processes, such as the production of grinding wheels, polishing solutions, and abrasive papers. It gives these items abrasive, harsh, and long-lasting qualities.

6. Ferro silicon is a magnetostrictive material, which means that it may alter its shape in response to a magnetic field. It is advantageous in applications like magnetostrictive transducers, sensors, and actuators because of its property.

7. Ferro silicon is widely utilised to produce castings in the foundry sector of the economy. During casting processes, it aids in regulating the carbon concentration, enhancing fluidity, and lowering shrinkage.

It's crucial to keep in mind that the precise applications and uses of Ferro silicon can change based on the composition's silicon and iron content, grain size, and other alloying elements. 

Ferro silicon

The main ingredients of the alloy ferro silicon are silicon and iron. Due to its distinct characteristics and advantages, it is frequently employed in a variety of industrial applications.


The definition of ferro silicon is as follows:

Ferro Silicon Characteristics:

1. Ferro silicon typically comprises between 75 and 95 percent silicon and 2 to 25 percent iron, as well as trace amounts of other elements like calcium, aluminium, and carbon.

2. Melting point: Ferro silicon can be used in high-temperature applications because of its relatively high melting point.

3. Density: It has a high density, which offers greater performance in particular applications and good stability.

4. Ferro silicon has good corrosion resistance, making it appropriate for use in situations where exposure to chemicals or moisture is a problem.

5. Due to the presence of iron, ferrosilicon is ferromagnetic, which means it can display magnetic properties and be drawn to magnets.

Ferro Silicon Benefits Include:

1. Deoxidizing agent: One of Ferro silicon's main advantages is that it works effectively as a deoxidizing agent during the manufacturing of steel and iron. High-quality steel and iron products are produced as a result of the removal of oxygen and impurities during the manufacturing process.

2. Ferro silicon is a common alloying agent used in the creation of a variety of alloys. It improves the alloys' qualities, such as their toughness, strength, and heat resistance, making them appropriate for use in the electrical, construction, and automotive industries.

3. Synthesis of graphite: Ferro silicon serves as a reducing agent during the synthesis of graphite. It reduces the mixture's melting point and makes it easier for carbonaceous ingredients to turn into graphite.

4. Production of cast iron: Ferro silicon is a crucial ingredient in the creation of cast iron. High-quality cast iron products are produced as a result of the reduction of carbon content and improvement of the fluidity and castability of the molten metal.

5. Ferro silicon is an essential component of the semiconductor industry due to its high silicon concentration. It is employed in the production of silicon wafers, the building blocks of numerous electronic gadgets.

Ferro silicon benefits include functioning as a deoxidizing and alloying agent, enabling the manufacturing of graphite, aiding in the production of cast iron, and assisting the production of semiconductor materials. Overall, ferro silicon offers valuable attributes like high melting point, corrosion resistance, and magnetic properties.




  • Melting Point:1300
  • Material:Ferro silicon 70-75%
  • Size:10-60 mm
  • "">Packaging Type:50 kg or One MTN Jumbo bag
  • Usage/Application:Melting
  • Form:Lumps



Ferro Silicon

 Ferro Silicon(FeSi) is an alloy of silicon and iron with a very high silicon content of between 10% and 90%. It is used as master alloy in steel manufacturing, which is added in small quantities in order to change the properties of the melt, the freezing process and the final product.

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